Cloud Technology

Cloud computing is an all-inclusive solution in which all computing resources (hardware, software, networking, storage and so on) are provided on-demand to users. The resources, or services, that are delivered via the cloud are easily managed to ensure high availability, security, scalability, and quality. Socius leverages cloud technology, from Microsoft Azure to our own private cloud, to provide the following:

Cloud Solutions Implementation

The Socius Cloud implementation ensures that you are set-up for success with your new cloud solution by walking you through our proven implementation methodology. Depending on your data migration and usage needs, Cloud Services offers Rapid or Complex Implementation paths to get your cloud solution up and running efficiently and effectively.

The Socius Cloud provides implementation services for our solutions, including:

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Additional Socius Cloud Services include:

Cloud Impact Assessment

Get a jump start on understanding the complexity of the cloud computing ecosystem with a Cloud Impact Assessment. By focusing on business processes, rather than on infrastructure, we create recommendations that help you make the right decisions to move to the cloud in a manner that supports and enhances your company’s strategic objectives.

Cloud Solutions Training

Socius Cloud training equips you and your people to use your cloud business solutions to their fullest capacity while demonstrating support from the business leaders and improving user adoption rates.

Cloud Solutions Maintenance

One of the greatest benefits of choosing a cloud business solution is the fact that all software maintenance, updates, upgrades, and service is done behind the scenes by the Socius Cloud team, with no interruption to your business or reliance on your internal IT resources.

Enterprise Application Integration

Just because an application is in the cloud does not mean that it is disconnected from the rest of your business applications. The Socius Cloud team will integrate your business applications to maximize the flow of information while keeping your data secure and well-managed.

Why Cloud?

CIAWhen you select an ERP or CRM solution deployed through the Socius Cloud, you will gain an industry leading, full-featured solution without:

  • Costly upfront hardware or software purchases –- Simply pay a low and predictable monthly service fee for the use of the solution
  • Lengthy implementation timelines -– The Socius Cloud lets you get up and running quickly
  • Fear that you are locked into your solution “as-is” -– The Socius Cloud solutions scale to fit the needs of your organization as it grows and changes enabling you to adapt user counts as needed
  • Tying up internal IT resources -– Let the Socius Cloud team implement and maintain your solution, freeing your IT staff to bring additional value to your business in other areas
  • The hassle of maintaining your own servers -– The Socius Cloud team will host your critical business data in our secure environment with an over 99.5% up-time
  • Getting locked into your deployment method -– Because you retain ownership of your business data with the Socius Cloud, you have the power to choose to move to an on-premise ERP or CRM deployment at any time if it better suits your changing business needs

Not sure if the Cloud is right for your organization? Request a Cloud Impact Assessment today to strategically evaluate the best course of action for your business and lay the foundation to maximize the benefits and reduce the risk associated with selecting and implementing a Socius Cloud solution.