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Through all the noise and clutter of social media, email still remains a powerful and applicable marketing tool. We generate, nurture, and communicate with leads and prospects through email, but as you may have noticed, it is not always as easy as writing up a quick message and hitting send.

How do you keep track of who you send what emails to? After you hit send, what comes next? Are you truly getting the results you expect from your email sends? SalesLogix has the ability to answer these questions and more with powerful email delivery, reporting and tracking tools.

The Basics of E-marketing

E-marketing, or electronic marketing, is powered by Swiftpage for SalesLogix and offers one simple place where you can create and send professional email campaigns. E-marketing encompasses all activities involved with email marketing to tracking and reporting. The ROI generated from E-marketing can easily exceed that of traditional marketing methods, but only if done strategically and with the correct tools. You can start by picking from over 130 email templates pre-built into the system where you can add your own company logo, contact information, and other simple customizations. Or if you want something more unique, you have the option to upload and create your own email template.

What Happens After You Press Send?

From a marketing stand point, it is important to start off by knowing if anyone even opened your email. Swiftpage technology allows you to see exactly to whom the email got delivered, whose got sent to SPAM, who clicked on links, and what links they clicked on. From this information, you are able to develop detailed reports that allow you to generate new leads depending on who was interested enough to click on links in your email. Generate more insightful and successful email campaigns from automatically generated tracking metrics and reports.

Take Advantage of Different Levels of Interaction

A Ranked Call List can be generated based on your most interested contacts based on the level of interaction with your emails. Level of interaction here can mean anything from number of opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc.. Assign the most active leads to have follow up calls or emails to ensure that hot leads are not lost.

Drip Marketing

It is important to reach prospects and leads at just the right time in order to get their attention. With Automated Drip Marketing tool, you are able to set up multiple messages to be sent out when triggered by a particular action such as a customer filling out a form on your website or sending you a thank you note. With Drip Marketing, the chances of you reaching the consumer at just the right time are much higher with the added benefit of it being all automatic.

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