E-Marketing for SalesLogix

Even as more businesses turn to social media (like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) to explore new marketing and communication channels, email marketing remains a very relevant and powerful tool for lead generation, lead nurturing, and customer communication.  That’s why we think the new Sage SalesLogix E-marketing is worth taking a look at.

What is E-marketing?

E-marketing for Sage SalesLogix makes it simple for you to create and send professional email campaigns to your prospects and customers – all within your SalesLogix CRM software.  E-marketing is powered by Swiftpage – a premier email service provider and strategic partner for Sage.

You can select from over 130 pre-built email templates (from newsletters and holiday cards to product announcements and press releases), customize with your company logo and contact information, and generate leads with professional email communication. Or if you prefer, you can design and upload your own templates.

Deliverability, Reporting and Tracking

How do you know whether anyone is opening your email or clicking on the links? Getting bounced by SPAM filters is easier than you might think.  That’s where the Swiftpage technology comes in. You simply select your email template, select your email list, and Swiftpage takes it from there, applying tools for Black List Monitoring, Spam Check, and other technology to improve your delivery success.

Then you can go back and analyze detailed reports that tell you who opened your email and when, who clicked, which links were most popular, which recipients bounced back, and many other important tracking and reporting metrics that will help you generate more insightful and successful email campaigns.

Take Quick Action on Hot Leads

Among the many reports that are included with E-marketing is a Ranked Call List based on your most interested contacts as indicated by the level of interaction with your message (such as number of clicks, opens, etc).  You can then select the most active leads on the list, assign them to your sales personnel, and schedule follow up actions to ensure that your hottest leads are quickly followed up with.

Just Set It and Forget It

Marketing is most successful when it’s consistent and puts your message in front of your customers and prospects at the right time.  That’s where the Automated Drip Marketing feature really shines.  E-marketing will send a series of messages in stages that are triggered by a completed action (e.g. automatically send confirmation when a prospect registers for a webcast or a thank you card after a new purchase). With Drip Marketing, you just set it and forget it.

Contact Us to learn more about Sage SalesLogix E-marketing or visit: www.sagesaleslogix.com/emarketing.