Make it Safely through the Marketing Minefield with CRM

Today I got a marketing blast email from a company trying to sell me a software system.  That’s fine with me; I get a lot of emails from vendors.  This one was different though.  It was for a CRM system, and that made me laugh.

You see, Socius is a professional services company, providing a wide variety of consulting services to companies across the country.  This makes us a great candidate for customer relationship management software.  Our relationships with our clients and partners are the lifeblood of our organization and we need a system to manage those relationships.

Unfortunately for the company sending the email, many of the services that we offer center around the selection and implementation business management software solutions; including industry leading CRM software from Microsoft Dynamics and Sage.  We also use those CRM systems internally to track, not only our sales activities, client relationships and the services we provide, but also our marketing activities.

The CRM solutions that we use and support have advanced marketing functionality with robust data cleansing and segmentation tools, leading campaign management features, and insightful marketing analytics to increase the effectiveness of marketing programs, improve efficiencies, and better track key metrics.  First and foremost though, our CRM software products have marketing data and list management capabilities that help you segment and target your marketing activities for maximum efficiency and return on your investments.  These tools can also help you navigate through the marketing minefield and keep you safe from costly mistakes (like marketing directly to your competitors).

Learn more about the marketing, sales and service functionality of SageCRM, Sage SalesLogix, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM or request a complimentary business strategy assessment for advice on which CRM solution can help you streamline and secure your marketing efforts.

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“Our Socius team, in my eyes, is considered an extension of our own department. Their knowledge and professionalism provide the support we need to succeed and continue to grow.”
-John Keller
LPK in Cincinnati, OH

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