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successful marketing departmentDeveloping a successful marketing program is no easy task and can become very expensive.  Once you release a new marketing campaign, you want to make sure it works.  Using customer relationship management (CRM) software, such as Sage® SalesLogix, will make it easier to collect the data you need to make sure your efforts are getting the results you are after.

Your sales and marketing team likely have their own ideas as to what constitutes a successful marketing campaign and the all probably have their own way of storing prospect and customer information.  You simply can’t make sense of information when it is being collected and stored so differently.  Use SalesLogix to bring consistency and conformity to your team first.  Entering the same types of data about both prospects and customers will begin to show you trends in data.  Using real information, and not gut-feeling, will help you tailor sales and marketing efforts and determine what efforts are really successful, or not.

SalesLogix will help you evaluate the real results from your sales and marketing activities.  Determine which leads turned to sales, how long it took from initial contact to sale, and track marketing expenses by campaign activity.  Your team can also ask what drove a customer to your business and add that data into SalesLogix.  With data like this at your fingertips, you can determine the most effective ways to reach new customers, retain existing customers, and evaluate the cost-benefit of marketing efforts.  In addition, with such detailed data in a single software solution, you can separate marketing campaigns by customer interests.  Save money by tailoring marketing activities to the customers most interested in that product or service.  You don’t need to send everyone in your address book the same brochure or letter.  Those campaigns are expensive and a more customized effort shows your customer you know what their interests are, which will strengthen long-term business relationships.

SalesLogix also provides insight into your customer buying history will improve cross-sales and up-sales.  Learn what your customers are buying and determine complementary or supplemental products that they might want to go with their original order.  You might also identify a trend with replenishment orders.  Show your customers that you are interested in their business and call them to see if they are ready for a replenishment order, before they have to call you.

Businesses spend vast amounts of cash on marketing campaigns, many of which are successful, but how can you know that for sure?  SalesLogix is a powerful tool that your marketing and sales team can use to determine what efforts are successful, have an acceptable cost-benefit, and which efforts don’t meet the mark.  It will also enable them to provide superior customer service to every customer, and prospect.  Contact Socius for more information about making your marketing efforts work.

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