Socius Affiliation Matters

Socius Affiliation – Here’s Why It Matters To You

The Power of Partnership

The Socius Affiliation is a program comprised of nearly 30 independently owned local and regional technology consulting firms focused on delivering specialized business technology solutions using Microsoft Dynamics.

With locations all over North America, Socius Affiliates combine their unique skillsets and talent across a variety of disciplines.


Why Choose a Socius Affiliate?

Socius Affiliates provide you with exceptional skills, support and service that rival other local providers. The power of the Socius Affiliation is people – local firms with specialized skills, banding together to be able to put the right people on the right projects at the right time to ensure your business transformation.

Working with a Socius Affiliate Gives You Powerful Expertise

  • Access to the right individuals solves your challenges quickly
  • Comprehensive solutions across all Dynamics ERP platforms
  • Access to over 130 specialized solutions including Socius Cloud Services, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and solutions for Distribution, Manufacturing, Services and Healthcare
  • Solutions for automated tax compliance, payroll, Time and Expense, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, resource utilization, project management and more


From distribution to manufacturing to services to healthcare; our affiliates are selected for their skills and the expertise they can provide clients.


Socius Affiliate Partners + Microsoft = A Winning Combination

Socius clients are award winning.  Through consulting and advocacy, we help clients deploy innovative approaches to solve business challenges.  Socius clients have been finalists for and won Microsoft’s prestigious annual Customer Excellence Awards and many are featured in Microsoft videos, case studies, and other promotions.


The Socius Affiliation is sanctioned by Microsoft. Our close relationship with Microsoft ensures our affiliates get first-to-market access to training and other skill development programs.


Locate a Socius Affiliate near you and experience the difference a Socius Affilate can have on your business today.