Warren Fire Equipment Inc.- Sage 100 for Distribution & Service Company

Socius Extinguishes Doubts about Sage 100 Solution with Integration

Warren Fire Equipment, Inc. specializes in the sale and service of hand portable fire extinguishers, pre-engineered fire suppression systems, SCBA, firefighting equipment, and apparatus.  WFE is the only Scott Five-Star service center in the central region.


  • Warren Fire Equipment Inc.’s biggest challenges was service contracts, both task oriented and result oriented.
  • Trying to maintain frequency and information related to those contracts was a big issue for them.


  • With Warren Fire Equipment Inc.’s implementation of Sage 100, they were given the ability to track the result of a task that they perform on a piece of equipment and can track frequency and tasks related to their fire extinguishers.
  • They are now able to record data for serial numbers seamlessly with Sage 100.


  • Warren Fire Equipemnt, Inc. has been able to use Sage 100 efficiently by recording results and outcomes of tests.
  • Some of the things they love most about Sage 100 are the stability and integrity of the product.

“I like working with Socius because they are ever changing. They’re always presenting me with changes that I may be able to make with the company that is going to have positive outcomes.”
– Lynda Malone, Treasurer at Warren Fire Equipment Inc.