Microsoft Azure: An Opportunity to Transform Your Business

Cloud enabled digital transformation is not only a reality, it’s becoming an imperative.

Holding on to legacy hardware and systems, old ways of gathering insights, and aging methods of interacting with clients and employees just isn’t going to cut it as the business and technology continue to converge. Businesses of all sizes who see the value of transformation are making the move to the cloud at accelerated rates, creating an increasingly competitive environment for those who have yet to act.

Our core mission at Socius is centered around fueling our clients’ transformation and growth. As part of supporting that mission, we’re determined to leverage the very best technology to provide winning solutions to our clients. When we made the commitment to become a Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider), we made the decision to offer the very best in cloud computing – with Microsoft Azure as our primary cloud platform.

Microsoft Azure is more than just cloud – it’s an entire integrated, flexible and secure cloud services platform that fuels productivity, innovation, mobility and business growth. Microsoft Azure offers something for every business and for some, most everything they need to optimize their operations.



Break the cycle of continuously choosing, buying, and managing infrastructure. With Azure you can be up and running quickly, accelerating access to state-of-the art technology and an environment that works like you do.

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Eliminate concerns around data storage and the ability to scale with a fully-elastic deployment environment. With Virtual Machines (VMs) hosted in the Azure cloud, you benefit from the fully-managed, scalable infrastructure, while maintaining control of your applications.



Azure offers a whole new world of resources to help not only foster innovation, but to rapidly bring new ideas to market. Gain a competitive edge with faster access to infrastructure. Empower your staff to become more strategic and innovative with less administrative responsibility.


Enjoy peace of mind with enterprise-grade security. With Microsoft Azure resources, such as Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery, you can protect against downtime if your systems are compromised, whether from a disaster or an attack such as ransomware.

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Start Your Digital Transformation by Migrating Select Workloads to the Azure Cloud 

Cloud enabled Digital Transformation is not only a reality, it’s becoming an imperative. As a visionary and informed business decision maker, you know that now is the time to engage in a cloud strategy to fuel your business growth and transformation.

But which aspects of your business are ripe for a move to the cloud? And where do you start?

We offer a comprehensive Cloud Migration Assessment & Migration Service for Microsoft Azure that will provide you with an understanding of which workloads make sense to move to the cloud as well as a detailed roadmap to guide your cloud journey.

What can be migrated and what’s the value?


Server Migration With Azure IaaS, you can move server machines from any environment/platform to the cloud with near-zero downtime.

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Application Migration or Extension Move or extend your applications into a hybrid cloud environment to serve both on-premises and cloud-based users or simply to start gaining operating efficiencies.


Application Modernization Focus on your application’s value while leaving the platform maintenance and management to trusted sources by using a Platform as a Service (PaaS).

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Data and Database Migration Quickly take advantage of cheaper cloud storage while gaining access to near-limitless capacity on-demand as your data needs grow. Move your databases to the SQL Azure service and focus on the data, not the server, while utilizing database-as-a-service.

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Identity Migration Migrate identities at a pace that matches your project schedule and business goals, all with secure private connections.

More Ways Azure and Socius Can Help You

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