ERP Hosting in the Cloud

Are you ready for the future?

The longer you own and use an ERP system, and the more your business grows, the more you need the ability to quickly scale to meet system and business expansions. Deploying ERP in the cloud is an easy and reliable way to address these needs.

Our Cloud Deployment Options

As your One Cloud hosting provider, we still offer the power of choice. Choose between a public cloud option with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, a Socius Private Cloud option and a hybrid option based on what works best for your business.

Private Cloud

Leverage Azure’s flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

Private Cloud

Be confident your data is secure and compliant in the Socius’ Expedient data center – co-located inside Expedient data center.

Hybrid Cloud

If you aren’t ready to go ‘all-in’ to the cloud, you have the flexibility to move some apps to the cloud and keep others on your on-site servers.

Cloud Hosting Assessment


Unsure which implementation option is best for your organization?


Socius can help you plan, analyze and determine whether your technology needs are best met through a public cloud on Microsoft Azure, our private cloud, or with a hybrid approach.

Implementation Options to Suit Your Needs

Whether you own your ERP license outright and are looking to reduce the cost and hassle of maintaining hardware or if you’re looking for a subscription-based ERP solution in the cloud, we’ve got your back.



(Infrastructure as a Service)

Bring Your Own ERP License, Host it in Microsoft Azure or Socius’ Private Cloud

Whether on Microsoft Azure or in the Socius Private Cloud, the IaaS option allows you to maintain your existing software investment while freeing up your hardware budget for other initiatives. Free your systems staff from focusing on maintaining hardware to bring more strategic value to your business, and be confident that your data is secure and compliant in the cloud platform of your choice.

We don’t stop at ERP with our IaaS offering – we can host any application along with your ERP system to further extend the benefits of cloud to your organization.

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(Software as a Service)

Get Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, or AX Subscription Licensing

Our SaaS option offers subscription licensing for Microsoft Dynamics GP and NAV makes it easy to scale up and down with your business needs. Protect your cash flow by paying only for what you need while growing with greater efficiency and being more responsive to change. You can also expand your cloud infrastructure by leveraging IaaS for other applications along with your SaaS ERP deployment.

Available on either Microsoft Azure or Socius Private Cloud, subscription licensing is a great option for new clients looking to reduce capital expenditures.

*, ** Tiered pricing discounts available based on user count.
*, **Azure pricing varies based on resources, storage options and user counts, see Socius for more information.
**Starter Pack Users priced at $200/each, Extended Pack Users priced at $210/each, other conditions/pricing applies for additional functionality, servers, etc

What’s Included?

Fully Provisioned Environment
  • Virtual Terminal Server
  • Virtual SQL Server Instance (Dynamics)
  • Operating System Licenses
  • SQL Server License (Dynamics)
  • Remote Desktop Connection License (RDC)
  • Anti-Virus
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Monitoring License (Level Platforms)
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Professional Setup & Configuration
  • License provisioning and consolidated billing
  • Setup and configuration of the Virtual servers that will host ERP software
  • Setup and configuration of the SQL instance
  • Installation of ERP software
  • Setup and configuration of Remote Desktop Connection
  • Setup and configuration of printer drivers as needed
  • Installation of Microsoft Office (Standard) per named user
  • Installation of Adobe Reader
  • Creation/deletion of new system user logins
  • Configure monitoring and backup services
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Monthly Maintenance Services
  • Manage and install Windows updates for the Operating System on virtual servers
  • Manage and install Microsoft service packs and hot fixes
  • Manage and install SQL server updates
  • Manage and install service packs for the Dynamics software
  • Manage and monitor daily backups & offsite storage
  • Troubleshooting of network connection issues
  • Monitor server logs for alerts and errors
  • Maintain firewall for proper security
  • Manage Socius active directory and secure group policies

What benefits do you get from hosting your ERP in the cloud?

Uptimes Greater Than 99%

All of our hosting services offer up-times greater than 99%

24/7/365 Environment Support

Regardless of your deployment option, you get the same 24/7/365 environment support from the Socius One Cloud team. Application support hours vary.

Proactive Monitoring & Data Backups

We worry about your data so you don’t have to.

Improve Your Time to Value

Infrastructure cycle

Quit the Infrastructure Cycle

More Innovation, Less Pain

Pay as you go

Pay As You Go

3 Ways Cloud Accelerates

Want to learn more about the value of the cloud before you move forward with hosting?

Check out this ebook: 3 Ways the Cloud can Accelerate your Business Success

Learn how the cloud can help your business:

  • Accelerate processes and growth
  • Avoid potential threats
  • Enable innovation