CRM for Marketing

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Dynamics 365 for Marketing (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM) offers powerful ways to optimize your marketing efforts using familiar and intelligent marketing capabilities. Increase the effectiveness of marketing programs throughout your entire organization with features such as intuitive campaign management, flexible segmentation tools, insightful analytics and robust workflows.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing empowers you to:

Create and manage marketing lists and campaigns efficiently with CRM to drive leads and new opportunities.

With a 360-degree contact view, powerful segmentation tools, and insightful analytics, Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM) helps you target market and create the right offer for the right audience.

Grow your customer engagement by tracking interactions from your first contact, through the nurture process, until the sale closes, and beyond to secure recurring revenue. Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM) enables you to create and manage marketing lists, plan and execute marketing campaigns to your lists, and keep an active watch over individual customers and customer buying trends to adapt your marketing messages.

Automate tasks, ensure consistent follow-up, and enable greater collaboration with sales. With powerful workflow capabilities and guided processes, Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps your marketing team automate lead distribution, ensure consistent follow-up, simplify approvals, and implement best practices.

Getting your brand recognized requires managing your brand assets effectively. CRM can enable you to do that through it’s built-in content library, making sure everyone who needs access to your collateral has it, anytime, anywhere.

Manage every facet of your marketing from branding to lead generation to sales support and beyond.  Streamline your marketing processes and tasks across all of the channels that you deliver marketing messages.

Easy Web Form and Survey Creation
Simplified Landing Pages
Social Discovery
Automated Nurture Marketing

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