Transform your business with software designed for greenhouse growers – Microsoft Dynamics and Agriware.

Do you know which of your facilities are the most profitable and why? Do you have a clear picture of your space utilization? Are you able to maximize each space and each growing season by making just the right changes to your supply chain?


Socius has real experience in helping greenhouse growers with these and many other sales, operational, supply chain and distribution needs. We get it. And we know that every detail can impact your bottom line. Microsoft Dynamics and Agriware make the perfect greenhouse and horticulture solution. We can help you gain end-to-end management of sales and operations to drive growth of your greenhouse business. We have unique experience helping large greenhouse growers and related industries.

Check out the Microsoft NAV + Agriware solution video. We’re confident you’ll quickly see how Socius can help transform your business . Since this is just the summary, we’d love to tell you more and provide a full demonstration.


  • Automate activities that you currently handle manually
  • Gain a complete view of your space needs based on both historical and real-time data so you can leverage every square foot of space
  • Equip your teams with data and insights to be more efficient
  • Provide your team the tools to work collaboratively and achieve goals
  • Plan for the upcoming season by accurately ordering, tracking and using materials, plants and products for operational and financial success