Stay On Top of These Top 10 Enterprise IT Trends in 2015

Enterprise IT is changing dramatically and will continue to do so next year. As companies more readily embrace cloud computing, big data, BYOD (bring your own device) and social media, expect to see shifts in spending and how funds are allocated to IT. CIOs are more increasingly business professionals rather than exclusively senior IT experts, […]

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How Cloud ERP Can Be Your Help for the Holidays

Gearing up for the holiday rush means different things for every business. Whether you plan to add headcount, extend your hours, drive donations for your not-for-profit, increase your output, offer discounts, or push to close new business before the end of the calendar year, you and your business systems need to be operating at your […]

Cloud Compliance

Can You Be Compliant with Your ERP in the Cloud?

Regulatory compliance is something most CFOs will encounter over the course of their careers. They will be the ones responsible for making sure their companies comply with organizational, regional and even international regulations and laws. There are a number of common regulations businesses will need to meet if they do work in the cloud, and […]

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13 Signs that Cloud ERP Is Right for Your Business

SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud technology have become some of the most talked about business resources today. But how do you know if adopting SaaS/Cloud solutions is better for your business than continuing with the traditional on premise software solutions? Here are 13 signs that your business may be ready for a Cloud […]

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Why Cloud Business Solutions Are Becoming More Popular

The Cloud is one of the most talked about technology resources. But what are Cloud solutions for businesses and what makes them so beneficial? The cloud is where successful business host their digital data and apply mobile, social and big data solutions to centralize and turn data into useful insight. With the endless applications available […]

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Tech-Savvy Traits of Leading Businesses

Recently, around 4,000 small to midsized business (SMBs) decision makers were surveyed by the Boston Consulting Group. They found that revenue and job growth are consistent across gender, industry, and location. But what was the fuel behind all this growth? Take some time to look at how innovative technology propelled these other SMBs to new […]

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Socius’ Cloud Choices Featured in CIO Review

Just a few weeks after becoming a Finalist for the Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Partner of the Year, Socius garnered more attention for their growing Cloud Services practice by being named to the 20 Most Promising Cloud Computing Companies list in CIO Review. In the accompanying article, CEO Jeff Geisler explains Socius’ “Power of Choice” cloud […]

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ERP On-Demand vs. On-Premise

The traditional model of ERP deployment is called “on-premise”, but it is no longer the only available option. You can also choose an “on-demand” cloud option for your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the size, type and scope of your business. On-Premise ERP In this traditional model, you […]

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Windows Azure in the Cloud: When is it the Right Choice for ERP Deployment?

Choosing the right ERP software for your organization can be a long and arduous process when done correctly. Once you have selected the system you need, the process is not over. The next step is to decide on a deployment method that fits within your financial and technological limitations. At one time, an on-premise deployment […]