Promoting Business Technology With The Cloud

The adoption of Cloud IT has successfully grown with Fortune 500 companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Looking back historically, there was a considerable amount of doubt regarding the value and efficiency of the Cloud. Now, it has become clear that regardless of a firm’s size, the Cloud can effectively boost productivity […]

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New Ways to Communicate with Office in the Cloud

Microsoft has long been the worldwide leader in productivity software for businesses large and small. For decades, Microsoft Office has been the industry standard, with everyone from large corporations to college students using it nearly every day. Despite the emergence of competitors – such as the open source OpenOffice and Google’s Google Docs – Microsoft […]

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From Epicor to NetSuite – Why Make the Switch

Switching from Epicor to NetSuite lets you take advantage of high-value, user-friendly EPR processes. Check out five specific ways NetSuite makes your operations easier and more cost effective. Better Value NetSuite’s cloud-based software premise is less expensive in both the short and long-term for the customer. Unlike Epicor ERP, which requires in-house maintenance and server […]

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Quickbooks IT Issues and Costs Keeping You Up at Night?

When you are trying to maintain your own business and accounting systems, like Quickbooks, there are so many technical things to keep in mind, it can be overwhelming. As a Quickbooks user, you have handle your own: Updates System availability Security Backups Database performance Restrictive user limits Even if you manage all of those elements […]


Are You Ready for Cloud ERP?

Cloud-based ERP, particularly software as a service (SaaS), has a number of benefits. It is generally less expensive to implement, requires no on-site maintenance or upgrades and is usually easier to customize and supplement with add-ons. Despite those obvious benefits, not every organization is ready for cloud ERP. The following tips should help you decide […]


Stay On Top of These Top 10 Enterprise IT Trends in 2015

Enterprise IT is changing dramatically and will continue to do so next year. As companies more readily embrace cloud computing, big data, BYOD (bring your own device) and social media, expect to see shifts in spending and how funds are allocated to IT. CIOs are more increasingly business professionals rather than exclusively senior IT experts, […]

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How Cloud ERP Can Be Your Help for the Holidays

Gearing up for the holiday rush means different things for every business. Whether you plan to add headcount, extend your hours, drive donations for your not-for-profit, increase your output, offer discounts, or push to close new business before the end of the calendar year, you and your business systems need to be operating at your […]