The IT Buyers Guide to Cloud ERP

Evaluating a SaaS Platform against Development, Integration, Upgrades Security, Availability, Innovation and Ecosystem Requirements

As a leader of your organization’s IT, you are constantly managing a growing global organization as your company expands into new markets, launches new products, implements new revenue models, introduces new routes to markets, and so on. As the cliché goes, the only constant is CHANGE! As a result of this constant evolution, one of the biggest technology cornerstones in your organization which is in a perennial state of flux is your Back Office or ERP system. Would it not be nice to remove IT completely from the critical path or at least minimize its footprint, as you go through these changes so that you can focus your attention and resources on projects more directly aligned with your corporate goals? Of course you would like to, and the good news is you have options.

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This whitepaper picks up after the basic cost-benefit analysis has been completed and you begin evaluating the various cloud based ERP solutions for your needs.