Three Reasons to Integrate ERP and HCM

It’s generally recognized that the human capital management (HCM) space is heating up and that HR professionals are investing in technology to improve organizational performance. Research has found that existing systems are aging, cloud systems make software easier to buy and advances in user experience make purchases more compelling.

Yet, as HR leaders evaluate a new generation of HCM solutions, the landscape is quickly evolving. The HCM solutions of the future are the ones that embrace lessons already learned by the best ERP solutions—an adjacent space that has already navigated the learning curve. The ERP market has come to understand the importance of unified data, employee-driven workflows and contextually relevant tools.

Integrating HCM and ERP data means improved transparency and productivity across multiple business functions, from transactional to strategic.

When we link HCM, especially social HCM, and ERP systems together into a unified suite, we connect the stories and people to data and processes, resulting in a much deeper, more meaningful analysis of business health.

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