About Socius

In Latin, Socius means Partner or Ally.

And that’s fitting because at Socius, that’s exactly what we are – the partner of choice for leading companies who want to transform their business through the smart use of scalable technology.  Our 30 years of experience have taught us that while each company is different, with its own set of goals and objectives, every business seeks to grow. To be better. To be more. To get to that one truth that ultimately is the one thing that propels them toward the future.

We work with our more than 2,800 clients to provide ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and Cloud solutions from Microsoft Dynamics, Syspro, Sage and NetSuite, as well as technology based on Microsoft. And we’re growing our number of locations. We roll up our sleeves and partner with you for a common purpose – your business. With Socius, it’s technology, but it’s always personal.

Purposeful Partnership

We know that you want more than an impersonal corporate vendor. You want a partner who is invested in where you want to go and how you want to get there. At Socius, we customize scalable solutions that are steeped in your goals and your objectives.  We’re in it for the long haul because we’re in it for you.

Embrace Your Journey to Growth

We know that business is filled with daily decisions that keep you up at night. And while we believe we have solutions to answer those questions, we are focused on more.  We see the long-term, the far off, the “if only’s”. We aspire to help companies just like yours see the potential of their organizations and move them toward transformation.  For us, that’s the goal of true technology – it opens the door for new ways of thinking, doing and succeeding.

The Power of People

Databases. Servers. Hardware. It’s the stuff our business is made of, but we believe there’s so much more.  It’s also the insight, the innovation and the conversation that our technology empowers.  At Socius, we never lose site of the human connections that our solutions can empower. So for us, no matter what technology you invest in, we know that at the end of day, we’re all investing in the power of people.