Working With Large Amounts of Data in Microsoft Excel

Collecting data is important to any business and analyzing it is critical to making the important decisions that drive growth. Large amounts of data, however, can be difficult to weed through. Worse yet, large databases often take time to search through. Just when it seems like you are looking for a needle in the haystack, save time by using the AutoFilter feature built into Microsoft Excel.

The Microsoft Excel AutoFilter offers three types of mutually exclusive filters: you can search by list values, format, or by criteria. These filter types can search through a range of cells or column table. You can only search for one criteria at a time, not several. As such, the table must be comprised of discrete storage formats. For example, avoid using text and a number in a single column. Once you find the dataset you need, you can edit, print, or chart it without rearranging or moving the data into another table.

Using AutoFilter to find the important data can save you time that you can use on other important tasks. Check out the Microsoft Excel Blog “Find data in a range or table” for additional details on using the AutoFilter feature and for other ways to optimize your use of Excel.

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