We trust Socius, they have vast knowledge about the product and related technology, plus they bring an objective view and real-world experience to each situation. Thanks to Socius, we h ...
- Rhiannon Greene, Sarnova
Socius is responsive, attentive, and patient. With their skill and the software's flexibility, we have made great leaps in efficiency.
- Dale Shaw, UltraTech
Dynamics SL from Maner
November 20, 2014

Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics Master VAR, has accepted Comquest, Inc., an Ohio Microsoft Dynamics SL partner, into their national Sales […]

Communication technology
November 19, 2014

Enterprise IT is changing dramatically and will continue to do so next year. As companies more readily embrace cloud computing, […]

Businessmen Checking Boxes With Digital Tablet And Scanner
November 16, 2014

One of the most critical relationships you can have is with your suppliers. Make the most of it with these tips for better supply chain management and better supplier relationships.

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